The group woke up in the middle of a unknown room. Surrounded by darkness except of a flickering flame. They realized that everything was covered in dust as if they had been there for quite a long time. They then realized that they were surrounded in some sort of shield. They saw soldiers in the corner that had their heads exploded outwards as if something came out from within their brains. The candle was an ever burning flame in which they left there to burn. There was a nasty picture of count Loopwyn which they took but later burned. After deciding what to do they made their way downstairs and saw everything had been burned. The floor was littered with skeletons with their heads exploded. They found Three rings and a self mapping map. They continued to search but found nothing else. Gorgoth tried to open the door but was weak from his long slumber. As a team they were able to open the door. They opened the door and find another stair well. At the end of the stairs there is a light. They detected a trap and found boulders ready to fall on them. Gorgoth and Skoth were able to jump over it but Cedric contemplated on trying to disable to trap. After much persuasion and yelling not to start the trip wire on fire he jumped over the wire. And they all made it safely to the bottom of the stairs and out of the tower.
When they left they met Kermit the grippli. Cedric was kind of a douche bag to him but skoth was very kind and Kermit invited them his camp for dinner. He insisted that there was many questions and answers that he had for them. When they made it to his camp gorgoth tried to break in to his chest in which he almost got poisoned by darts. He was able to dodge out of the way by the skin of his teeth. Even though he was almost poisoned he challenged Kermit to a arm wrestling match and quickly lost after Kermit doubled in size and became extremely brawny. He had to hunt for a large piece of meat in lieu of losing the match. After that nonsensical was complete, questions were answered and a gross dinner of flies and bugs was only devoured by grippli while the others puked quietly into the shrubbery.
Lost his family to soldiers within the tower. With an alchemist formula, he was able to escape. Although he is a passive little frog, grippli is very dangerous when someone mocks his beliefs or mess’s with his friends. He refuses to fight strangers that try to pick fights with him and will swim away at any hint of aggressiveness. This is unless he is in a playful mood then he finds everything a game. Hes felt a strange attachment to the sinking tower that his family was killed in and protects the nearby towns from the dangers that escape. His attachment to the tower was also strengthened by the coercive behavior of a powerful sorcerer that goes by the name of Eowanduil. From what you know, he has instructed Kermit to talk to report to him if you come out of there alive or any unusual activity occurs. He reports through a telepathic link attached to a table in his jungle cove in which you did not see Kermit use before you all left. You do not really understand Kermit’s intentions but from what you can tell he means no ill contempt against you or your party. Although it has been months now since the war was over and danger lurking in the tower seems to have passed.
After meeting the grippli and getting all of their equipment and a little extra, the group decided to go along with him to the nearest town. By the time they got to the town it was night. Things didn’t seem right. And Kermit made sure to let them know. Gorgoth went to go see the blacksmith and with his perception check heard knocking and clanging from inside. The others quickly came as well and with their perception checks found that there was gurgling they realized that the door was getting very hot.
When they opened the door. They found the blacksmith floating in mid air. He was on fire, and his head was bubbling. He let out an unholy Screech and dropped to the floor. The fire diminished and his head exploded. The moment his head exploded a shield within Cedric came forth and protected the group
Gorgoth decidedly jumped out of the shield and tried to hit the demon. Even though it was a good hit and attack no damage was done. Gorgoth threw a vial of midnight milk at it making it shirk away.
Kermit saw this and on his attack sliced him with a midnight milk poisoned dagger making it implode and disappear. Gorgoth continued to loot the room and body and found 15 gold and a diagram of some sort that looked like a invented weapon of the blacksmiths design. They quickly departed the town after hearing screams from throughout the town. They came to a clearing and asked Kermit many questions in which he answered
Before burning the portrait Skoth took a closer look and found that Loopwyn was wearing the druidic amulet of great power. He deduced that it must have been this creature that killed his mentor and vowed to murder him. Yet there was no evidence except for the amulet around his neck.

4 cure light wounds
2 invisibility potion
3 steel ingots
2 daggers w/pouch of +2 Dexterity damage poison 4 rounds two consecutive saves DC 15 fortitude.
3 Gold bars
Enough Raw Iron to make three great swords
15 Gold + your starting gold
Diagram for an invented weapon.
All of your starting equipment
All of your mounts

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The Forgotton